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"FREE" Golf Tips

10 Tips for your Practise

1. Firstly warm up! Stretch all your muscles in your legs, back, arms and shoulders. Hold two clubs together and slowly swing them as normal. You can never do too much stretching before you practice or indeed play.

2. I see so many fools at the driving range who go straight for the driver and trying to hit it as hard as they can. What a great way to injure yourself. Start with a short iron and work up through the bag and then back down again. By starting and finishing with shorter club you will warm up – then warm down your muscles.

3. Aim at a target and use clubs laid on the ground in line with your feet to ensure that you are pointing in the right direction. I would love a £1 for every time I’ve had to adjust where a player thinks they are aiming.

4. When you are fully warmed up, pretend you are playing a round of golf on your usual course, hit the clubs you would normally expect to hit at each hole in order. For example if you would hit a driver on the first tee give yourself a target on the range to hit between, then imagine where the shot would finish and play your next shot as you would on the course.

5. You may not realize it but we all have routines we use every day, the chances are you have the same routine every morning when you get up, the same goes for your golf. You can make any routine you want that suits you, but it must be done the same way every time. The range is the perfect place to groove your pre-shot routine by going through it every time you hit a shot. It will help your swing repeat better under pressure.

6. Concentrate on what you are doing. 30 balls with full concentration is better then 50 hit without thinking.

7. Spend as much time on chipping and putting as you do on the long game. It counts for around 50% of your score, so give it at least 50% of your practice time.

8. On the putting green aim at several targets and vary the length of short to increase you feel. If you are with a friend have a game of “matchplay” on the putting green

9. When practicing throw 3 balls over your shoulder and play them as they lie to the same flag. Drop 3 balls and chip to the same flag with 3 different clubs. Chip to the same flag and try varying the height and distance of roll etc.

10. Throw 5 balls in a bunker and play them all as they lie.

If you do all of this then I promise your game will improve, of course you can always book a lessons to improve your swing. Enjoy your golf.