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Before Your Golf Lesson

“Have you warmed up yet?”

The answers I get vary but include things like “well I walked from the car to the practice ground” or “I´ve been doing housework all morning” which is not really the ideal start. We then have to start the lesson, which you have paid good money for, letting you warm up and stimulate blood flow, not only to get your game going but also as to prevent injury.

So before your next lesson warm up! Stretching is a good way to start, stretch the muscles in your legs, back, arms and shoulders. Once this is done swing two irons together slowly and as best as you can, then go to one club and feel how much lighter it is now.

If you are just practicing on your own warm up and then start with a short iron, work your way up through the bag to longer shots and then back down again. Starting with the shorter club will enable you to ease yourself into hitting shots. Always aim at a target and keep checking your posture. Use clubs laid on the ground in line with your feet to ensure that you are pointing in the right direction. Around 60% of your score will come from chipping and putting so therefore spend at least 60% of your practice time working on these areas.

Good habits doing this will lead to improving your golf and better scores. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.

Happy Golfing