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Fit For Golf?

You may think this tip is about staying healthy – sorry it’s not, that comes later.

This tip is about the equipment you are using, I see so many people that are playing with clubs that are not suitable to them and therefore making the game so much harder.

If I offered you a £300 pair of shoes for £30 would you buy them?
I hope the first question you would ask is what size are they?

If they did not fit then you would not buy them so why do people buy golf clubs off the rack or on a friend’s advice. We are not all the same size and build so why should standard clubs fit everybody?

Does your equipment fit you? If you did not go through a comprehensive club fitting process, chances are your clubs do not fit you or your game. Improper equipment leads to inconsistent ball flight even with a sound golf swing – courtesy of ASU.

My advice is to consult your local PGA Professional about custom fitting, preferably the one you are having instruction from as they will know your swing. Just because you are tall or short does not necessary require you to have longer or shorter clubs. Club length is not the only part of custom fitting  you also have lofts, lie, grip size and swing speed to name but a few. You may have been hitting a few poor shots that have been caused by badly fitting clubs and you have been blaming your swing. Wherever you decide to enquire about custom fitting please ask the question, “ is the fitting carried out by a PGA Professional” many high street shops are manned by salespeople and their jobs is to make a sale so beware.

To make sure you get the most from your game get FIT FOR GOLF