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Thanks to Everyone that has Contributed

Martin is a terrific golf coach and I really couldn’t recommend him highly enough. I came to Martin as a mid-20’s handicapper looking for someone to help me get down to single figures – I am not quite there yet (it’s still early days) but I am certainly on my way. Whatever goals you have, whether you are a hacker or a tour pro, Martin will be able to help your game. The real difference between Martin and other pros that I have come across is that Martin really cares about your game and is prepared to invest his own time and effort to help you plan your route to improvement. Whether you need a few lessons to dust off your swing, or a fully blown lesson plan working on all aspects of the game, Martin will be able to help you with simple swing thoughts and ideas, and an abundance of expertise. If you are interested in improving your game, give him a call. It will be one of the best investments you can make.
Ben Pearce – Surbiton Member

Martin has an easy going nature which means our lessons are always enjoyable, however he knows when to keep me in check and make sure I don’t get complacent. I really enjoy this style of coaching and my all round game has improved as a result. His knowledge for the game is extensive and our course lessons have been very intuitive and allowed me to think about the game differently, more efficiently. I look forward to continuing our work together
Tom Williams – Surbiton Member

Martin is simply the best coach I have worked with. With his uncomplicated techniques he has improved all areas of my game, the lessons are always enjoyable and his advice is influential. With his expert guidance I am now on the road to becoming a qualified PGA golf professional and I can’t thank him enough.
Alex Williams PGA

With his thorough knowledge of golf and a true passion for the game, Martin has always been able to advise me about the areas of my game that I am working on.
Adam Gee – Tour Player

Martin has a great understanding for the game of golf, both from a player and a coaches point of view.
James Heath – Tour Player

Martin’s advice has always been appreciated. I fully trust his views on aspects of my game that I am working on.
Michael Lowe PGA – Tour Player

I’ve known Martin for a number of years and he has always given me sound advice on all aspects of my golf game.
Tom Abbott – The Golf Channel

Martin has the best teaching style of any pro I have ever had lessons from. He clearly loves teaching, and uses simple instructions to create dramatic differences to your game. Not only that, but he makes sure his lessons are always enjoyable as well. Whether you’re a novice or a single-figure handicapper, Martin will improve your game.

Steve Syder

Martin has always been there if I needed help and his advice is greatly appreciated. Charlie won the Trilby Tour whilst still an amateur and has now turned Professional Golfer.
Charlie Lidyard –
2009 Trilby Tour Champion

Having never played golf before, I can’t believe how far I have come after just a few lessons with Martin as my coach. He has used great and varied techniques to build up and develop my swing. He identifies any problems I have straight away and advises on how to fix it.

Martin spends time developing my knowledge of the swing which also allows me to understand what I may be doing wrong away from my golf lessons. He has also given me some great tips on how to develop my golf swing whilst practising the changes gained from the lessons.”

Jon Jarvis

Martin has been a great help to me with sorting out my golf problems. He is the best pro that I have ever had lessons with. His simple teaching techniques have been able to put me back onto the straight and narrow with almost immediate effect. Best of all, Martin is always happy to give help and advice.

Stella Fox

Martin is a superb golf coach who can help anyone of any ability significantly improve their game. His lessons are thoroughly enjoyable and his easy to understand instruction helps me improve all parts of my game.

In just 1 year I have reduced my handicap from 36 to 18 and have enjoyed more consistent, pleasing golf. I would strongly recommend Martin to anyone of any ability looking to play better golf

Will Bate

When I first joined the golf club I was experiencing some difficulties with my driving, but, as is so often the case, I couldn’t quite pinpoint what the problem was.

I booked a lesson with Martin who quickly pinpointed the nature of my problem and gave me just one key thing to think about to improve my performance. By the end of the lesson I could see a visible improvement in the length and straightness of my drives. I found Martin’s help a refreshing change to a lot of tuition where the pro bombards you with too many things to think about.

All I had to do after Martin’s lesson was to practice what I had been taught. Martin teaches with a ‘light touch’ and a fair amount of humour, an approach, I should thought, most people would welcome.”

Aileen McKenzie

I was struggling with both the technical and mental aspects of my golf before I came to Martin. His easy going nature has meant that all my lessons have been constructive, but enjoyable at the same time. He has the ability to pitch the lesson at the right level and always finds the right approach to ensure that his pupils gain the maximum benefit. I am happy to say that my confidence has been restored, my golf has improved dramatically as has my understanding of the swing. I would recommend Martin to any golfer, whether they were an absolute beginner, single-figure handicap or a professional.
Secret Golfer