8 Tips to help your golf

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1) Golf is FUN! – Never forget you play golf because it’s fun and maybe stop taking it so seriously, unless of course you’re playing golf for a living. Next time you go out playing, enjoy the fresh air, enjoy the banter with your playing partners, take in the beautiful scenery and remember, stats prove that golfers are healthier and live longer.

2) Play a really nice golf course – If you think of all the top golf courses in the UK why not treat yourself, I know these courses are expensive but by saving a little it gives you something to work towards. You can even make a weekend of it and play 36 holes or two courses close to each other.

Sunny Golf Course

3) Enter Competitions at an away club – Most golf clubs have open competitions that offer great value for money and quite often, the course is in really fantastic condition. It’s also a way to meet other golfers and maybe become good friends. It will certainly test your golf which in turn, will help make you a better golfer at your own club.

4) Keep an Eclectic score – Just for fun, keep a record or your medal or stableford score on your home course and update the holes you improve on throughout the season. You will be amazed with how good your score is and then gain confidence when next playing those holes.
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5) Work on your short game – Let’s face it, unless you are in amongst the top golfers on every golf tour then there’s always room for improvement in your short game. Make the time to practice your putting, chipping and wedge play, any improvement in these parts of your golf game will be reflected by your handicap improvement.

Bucket Of Range Balls

6) Take a golf break – I know some of you already go on golf trips but for those that don’t go yet, make the effort to do so. They can be a pain to organise but there is normally somebody at the club that does this for you and they can even include coaching. Please see an example here: Golf Breaks.

7) Take Golf Lessons – I often get golfers in the shop complaining about how they are playing, simple answer; take some lessons from a PGA golf professional. Changing your swing can be tough but once you have conquered those changes then your enjoyment of the game increases.

8) Golf Fitness – Improve your golf fitness, simple things like working on a little more flexibility or power will really help your game. Golf itself gets your energy levels up and according to the newsmen; playing golf extends your life by up to 5 years.

Frogs doing keep fit

Finally, play more golf! That doesn’t mean teeing it up for 18 holes all the time but a quick 9 or 4 holes after work, some putting or chipping or even hitting a few balls during a break in your day.

As usual thanks for all your support.

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