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That was actually said to me recently in the pro shop by a member “I’m too old to change my golf”

There is an old saying that goes “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, and you know what, it seems the older you get the more you start believing in that.  But then you have to ask yourself, who decided that is true, where did that saying come from and who decided that YOU are too old to learn something new or to change the way you do things?

Do you remember, sometime around your teenage years, when you were on top of the world, that big oyster was yours and you were bulletproof!  Your confidence was at its highest, your passion and motivation were busting at the seams, and there wasn’t anything that could stop you achieving your dreams and life goals.

Then somewhere along the line you fell off the big pathway that you had made some great plans for, but no worries, I’ll get back to it after I’ve paid off the mortgage, oh and the kids have grown up and left home, and all those other life issues I’ve had to deal with, but it never happened did it, your life always appeared to be busier than you expected it to be, your dreams were still stacked on the shelf and you had this regular routine that took up every moment you were awake.

So you have to ask yourself some questions, am I going allow myself to lose out on my dreams, am I going to allow myself to leave those goals on the shelf, am I going to accept my golf has already peaked? Well, let me tell you that an old dog certainly can learn new tricks and that means you CAN still improve your golf.

Personally I’m someone that believes you can learn something new every day, no matter how small that is, it’s something you’ve learnt. I still take golf lessons myself and feel I’m swinging it better now than I ever have. So have a think about what improving you golf will do for you?

Would it make you happier?
Would it improve your social life?
Would you play more golf?
Would you feel a sense of achievement?
Would you feel you’re making more of your life?

A simple adjustment to a minor part of your game could make you hit it better; an improved strike naturally leads to a longer distance. A small improvement to your putting is reflected in holing more putts. If you start aiming correctly then you will keep the ball in play and the list goes on.

So yes, you definitely can teach an old dog new tricks, you can improve your quality of life, you can improve your golf and you will be happier so get yourself along to a golf lesson and see what difference it makes to your life in general.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and happy golfing to you all.

Take care

Martin Rathbone PGA - Head Teaching Professional - Surbiton Golf Club