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Make The Most of The Sunshine

Below are some simple tips to help you practise your short game.

With over 60% of your strokes coming from inside of 100 yards, it is essential that you spend a proportionate amount of time on your short game as you practice.  You should devote most of your short game practice to putting and chipping.  These two shots make up the majority of your short game strokes.

If you miss the green and your ball ends up in a closely mown area don’t forget about the hybrid putt.  Approach the shot just as you would a putt.  Use your putting grip, stance, pre-shot routine and stroke. 

You will find that with a little practice you will start getting up and down.

Golfer Chipping

How many times have you missed a three foot putt?  Here is a drill to make three footers automatic.  Start with eight balls surrounding a hole from a distance of one club length.  Start with the straightest Balls on Green, Putting Drillputt.  Knock it in, and move around the circle.  Try to make as many putts in a row as you can and keep track of your best.  When you miss, repeat the drill.  Set goals for your putting and try to get better each time you practice this drill. With a little practice, your confidence on three foot putts will go through the roof and you will expect to make them all.

Are you three putting greens because of poor lag putts?  If so, I have the perfect drill to improve you pace on long putts and get a better understanding of the Putting Drillspeed of the greens.  To begin, set up a semi-circle of tees one club length behind a hole.  This forms the “bucket”.  Place ten golf balls twenty feet away so you will be putting into the bucket of tees.  Try to get each putt past the hole but not past the tees.  Reset and redo the drill when it is completed.  Be sure to practice this drill on uphill and downhill putts. 

With some practice, you will be well on your way to reducing your three-putt greens.

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