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Well its that time of year again, the weather has more up’s and down’s than the giant rollercoaster at your local theme park and one day you have your summer outfit on, the next full on winter gear.
So when it gets a little colder you think to yourself, nah! I’ll give it a miss today, plenty more days to come. The result is soon you haven’t played for a week, then two weeks and suddenly it’s a month! Ouch that’s not going to help your game.
There are a few things you can do at home either by nipping out to the garden or even indoors.
1, Do some exercises, yep, we all know we should be doing that anyway but the last thing you want in your golf swing is being tight and stiff. There are a number of stretches you can do indoors; you can work on all aspects of the body but pay attention to your shoulders, neck, arms, back, hips and legs. Try to increase your range of movement, pilates and yoga are good for this but do remember always check with your doctor before starting any physical movements.

TPI Stretch

2. Take as many swings per day that you can indoors or outdoors without hitting a ball, yes don’t think about that little white thing which always interferes with your almost perfect golf swing. All the top players in the world play a video in their mind of the swing they want to make and seeing the ball soaring towards the target, without hitting a ball this drill will make you visualise what you are doing. If possible use a mirror or glass door to look at your swing in slow motion, check your positions to see if they look ok to you, check how you are standing to the ball, and check the position of the golf ball itself. You can know your own swing and how to manage it.
3, Work on your chipping action, if you can’t do this outdoors (although you don’t need a lot of room) then you can purchase a chipping net or even use a hoop, you can use those foam balls and a tiny matt, all available from the shop. Now this isn’t going to give you the same feelings of using a real golf ball but it will help you to focus on the shot in hand and gain some feel.
4,  You can practice your putting anywhere, you have your putter, you no doubt own a golf ball as well,  so all you need is a flat surface. Or if you’re really eager then you can buy a decent putting mat. If you have a partner, friend, neighbour or maybe a grandchild then set up your own putting contest. Again it’s not like the real thing but its way better than doing nothing and will make it easier to get back into the groove when you do return to the course.

Putting Mat

5, finally, think about booking some winter sun and golf, if you have something to look forward to then you are more inclined to work on your golf during the colder days, maybe even look at some of our coaching trips abroad.

If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to pop in the shop and ask.

Thanks for your support
Martin rathbone PGA