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How to set up before you swing

When I’m walking around the club watching people playing or practicing I can generally tell, or at least have a good guess, as to what type of player they are simply by looking at how they set up to the ball.

If you take a look at all the recognised good players at any golf club one of the main things they have in common is good posture. If you go a stage further and watch any tour event then study how they all address the ball, everyone looks like a professional golfer and they all stand to the ball with great posture.

The setup, and especially the posture, are areas where we can all look like the superstars even if we can’t swing and score like them. Your golf posture determines the shape of your swing and getting it correct allows you to make a turn both back and through to the finish and hopefully on a good track.

My views are that we should try to get in the most athletic position we can whilst making allowances for our bodies flexibility and range of movement.

Have a look at the tip below to help you get into a good setup position, take time to get this correct and you will have every chance to make a good repetitive golf swing.


Most golfers tend to bend from the waist instead of the hips, when you bend from the hips it helps to promote a good posture. To help try this drill:

Stand tall and tuck your fingertips into the joints at the front of your hips. Try to keep your back straight and your legs straight


Tilt your upper body forward as you push your hips and backside out behind you. Keep your shoulder blades flat, also try to keep the back and legs straight


Now add a little flex to the knees and let the arms hang down naturally, your weight should be evenly balanced and on the balls of your feet


This is how you should look with a club in your hand and following this quick posture tip.

Try to re-create this posture position when playing, remember to hinge from the hip, not the waist. This setup will help you look like a professional and help you play more like one.

Good luck with this and happy golfing.

Martin Rathbone PGA - Head Teaching Professional - Surbiton Golf Club