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I know this time of year golf can get very difficult, it’s a little colder than it has been, there’s a good chance of the heavens opening up with that wet stuff pouring down and the winds always seem stronger, so how do you go about shooting your best score?

Well I asked that question to some of my pupils and below are their answers. In my opinion everything they’ve said is right on the money and if you can do some of these then brilliant, if you can do all of them well …………………..

  1. Short Game, Short Game and more Short Game.

“Practice Your Short Game – TW, Cat 1 Player” It really frustrates me how golfers think they can just turn up week in week out and not work on any of their game.

I have friends that are decent golfers but could improve so much by just working on the short game a little. If you become comfortable with getting “up and down” from around the green you turn those bogeys into Pars and I find it fun to work on.

We all know someone that we feel are better than us so challenge them to putting competitions, chipping competitions and “up and down” competitions, watch how they do things and ask them how they do it. Working on this alone will improve your scores and indeed your handicap.

  1. Develop a “Safety Shot”

MR PGA: When I play with golfers who are right on the brink of playing their best golf there is always that one thing that stops them achieving it, a disastrous shot into trouble from trying to play beyond there capabilities.

Instead of hitting a miracle shot 200yds under trees and over water use your safety club, it can be any club in your bag that you are so comfortable with you know you can hit the fairway every time with it.   

It’s far better to try to make an “up and down” from the fairway than taking penalty drops from water or trees, which usually leaves a very difficult recover shot.

  1. Mental Toughness:

“Don’t focus on your scores, EE, Cat 1 Player”

Mental toughness is an art that we can all be better at. You’ve probably been told many times, one shot at a time, focus on the next shot not the last one and forget about holes that are coming up and so on, but it all applies to you.

If you carry the weight of a poor shot earlier in the round, or even from a previous round, then the chances are you are not going to play well. So stop thinking about those shots.

One trick is to record your score on the card then immediately put it back in your bag, pocket or wherever you keep it. Do not add your score up or calculate how many points you have, leave that until you’ve walked off the last hole and you could be deliriously happy with the results.

  1. Stop hunting the flag.

“Middle of the green is best, AW, Cat 2 Player”

Going straight for the flag can easily end up in bogeys and double bogeys so don’t do it. It’s better to ignore the flag and go for the middle of every green, remember, it’s far better if you two putt from 35 feet than have an impossible up and down because you’ve short sided yourself. This is dependant on you hitting the correct club into the green and not leaving yourself short or long.

  1. Lag Putting.

“Practice putting, PM, Cat 2 Player”

Every golfer knows how to putt but not many of you spend 15/20 mins before you play on the putting green. There are lots of putting games you can play but a good one is to place a tee in the ground and work on “Lagging” the ball up next to the tee or touching it. If you can do this from all different distances then you are a good lag putter. This tip goes hand in hand with tip number 4.

Good Luck with these tips, see you soon

Martin Rathbone PGA - Head Teaching Professional - Surbiton Golf Club