January 2019 Newsletter

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The new 2019 rules of golf have now kicked in and the hottest topic out there is ………………….. are you going to putt with the flag in or out?

So with putting on our minds, I thought this month I would give you some free tips on how to improve your putting stroke and lower your scores.

One thing you have to do to be a consistent putter is starting the ball on your intended target line, failure to do this can destroy your round of golf when you are actually playing well. All we have to do is look at the hot and cold putting of Rory Mcilroy to see what it can do to your game.

There may be a good technical reason why you are pulling or pushing putts but a couple of things you can do to help you start the ball online are as follows:

Aim Drill. Use 2 alignment sticks, place one down Putting Imageto check your body alignment, remember to aim slightly left (RH Golfer) of your target with the body, place the other rod between your feet and 90 degrees to the first rod (see picture) The rod between your feet is to check your ball position and keep it constant.  Then create a gate with some golf Golf Balltees, place them slightly wider than the golf ball and hit putts through them without touching the tees. When you can do this every time then you are starting the putt on your intended line.

Now that you’ve got the direction sorted you need to look at the speed of your putts, remember it’s a combination of both starting line and pace that sends your putts into the cup. There are several drills to help with this but a couple of my favourites are as follows:

3 balls on greenTee Drill. Place a single tee in the ground and give yourself around a 15ft putt, take 3 balls and try to hit the first one about 3ft past the tee, hit the second ball about 3ft short of the tee and then try to hit the tee with the third putt. If you do this several times you will naturally build a good feeling for the pace of the greens.

Ladder DrillLadder Drill.
Place a flagstick / alignment rod 3ft  behind the hole and mark out three distances, 6ft, 9ft and 12ft (you can use tees to mark these distances out) – take 5 golf balls and hit them from the closest distance, all balls MUST go in or past the cup but MUST NOT hit the flag / rod behind the hole.  Only on achieving 5 out of 5 can you move to the second distance and then to the third distance. This drill takes patience and the idea is to hit 15 out of 15 putts without cheating, all must go in or past the cup and not hit the rod behind or you start from the closest distance again.
One of the key things when putting is to maintain a “still head” position so here’s a simple little tip for Tee In Mouth Drillthat. On the putting green take your normal set up for putting and simply place a pencil or long tee in your mouth pointing at the ball. Try to keep the object pointing at the ball for as long as possible. This drill helps you to stop having an “early look” at the putt which results in loss of posture / stroke / aim etc.

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If you want to see a picture gallery of the new rules for 2019 then please click this link:
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 As usual thanks to all the support you give me.

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