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Get ready for summer golf!

Winter clothing, log fires and chilly mornings are starting to give way to sparkling sunshine, longer days and the lure of a summer on the golf course. Your hibernating golfing buddies are dusting of the clubs right now, itching to give you a call and tee up that next round of golf.

The Masters is just around the corner and that is generally accepted as the start of the season but ask yourself this – are you ready?

Is your game in good enough shape to set yourself for a great summer of golf?
Do you have all the necessary ingredients in place to make this a summer of golf never to forget?
After all, it would be a pity to go and ruin the whole thing by going out there and playing rubbish golf.

Below are some tips to prepare you for the upcoming summer of golf that should go some way towards making it an enjoyably time on the golf course. These tips apply to everyone but especially those that have played very little golf over the winter

Practice your putting
By all means, play lots of rounds and hit lots of balls but don’t forget your short game – particularly your putting. Spend a good couple of hours at least on the putting green before summer arrives. Then spend a few more on the putting green. It can be boring but stick with it. Convince yourself you can putt the ball along a straight line on a flat surface too.  You may be good at reading greens but if you can’t putt towards your target the ball is not going to drop in the hole!

Clean out your golf bag
Now is the time to toss out those worn gloves, crumpled score cards, chocolate bar wrapper and beaten up golf balls. Turn the golf bag upside down, throw out that muesli bar you dropped down the driver shaft and maybe score yourself some loose change. You’ve got a big summer ahead, now is the time for a spring clean. And make sure you add a fresh tube of sun cream to the bag while you’re at it.

Practise properly
There is a large body of evidence suggesting that just beating lots of golf balls at the range isn’t a very effective way of practising. You’re better off employing a random practice routine (playing different shots with different shapes, using different clubs) instead of hitting the same shot with the same club over and over. Practice your golf game on the range as if you are on the golf course. Hit, driver followed by a chip out of the trees, followed by a pitch on to the green. If you miss a shot, make sure you return to it later to make sure you get it right.

Get fit, get flexible
Ever play a round of golf only to find you’re worn out for the rest of the day? Walking 18 holes not only requires a certain degree of fitness but to make sure your game doesn’t suffer due to fatigue late in your round it’s wise to be even fitter. But don’t just get fit and increase strength – make sure you’re flexible too. If you want that McIlroy-like shoulder turn perhaps you should start the stretching, yoga or pilates classes immediately.

Get new grips
While not a guarantee for lower scores, the golf club grips are often overlooked. Ask the pro shop staff if your clubs need new grips. It’s often cheaper than you expect and will make sure there is no need to grip the club too tightly during your golf swing. If you play once a week then its recommended to change your grips twice a year.

Get real
Vow to keep check of your golf game this summer and set realistic expectations. Don’t get angry if you haven’t played well if you’re simply arriving at the first tee straight from the car park. Don’t utter the phrase “played well but scored badly” and think twice before attempting that shot that has very little chance of paying off.

Change your spikes
Arguably this should have been done at the beginning of winter – but I’m guessing you didn’t. So do it now. The ground should soon be drying up and lessening the need for new cleats, but a firm support is required for a good golf swing no matter what the season.

Get a lesson
Any time is a good time to get a golf lesson but the start of the season is ideal. Get a professional to analyse your swing and knock out those winter cobwebs before the summer sunshine truly breaks through. Book in a follow-up lesson as soon as the first one is finished. It’ll make you practice what you’ve just learned. See the offer below.

Get a pre-shot routine
If you don’t have a pre-shot routine, get one. And drum it in until it’s a habit. Pick the shot, pick the club, pick a target, maybe a practice swing and pull the trigger. Do the same thing, every shot, every week.

Pre-round warm-up and stretch
If you’re in the majority of golfers who simply turn up to a golf course, hit a few practise putts and tee it up – change this now. Find out the best warm-up exercises to do before a round and make sure you are at the course in time to do them. At the very least it will most likely increase your flexibility leading to better swings and a longer lifespan playing decent golf.

Spend some time on the short game
If there is one aspect of golf you simply can’t expect to be any good at without practising, it’s the short game. It’s the place where you can turn bad rounds into good rounds, and good rounds into great rounds. The good news is that if you practice your short game, you’re almost certain to get better at it. Lock in some time around the practice green before the days get much longer.

Speed up
Most golfers can play a little quicker, myself included. Even if you’re not officially a slow player, think about ways you can play the game quicker. One less practice swing, don’t mark your ball as often or get a quicker read. This will make for a more enjoyable summer for you and your playing partners.

Go and watch a golf tournament
There are some great golf tournaments in our world featuring some of the world’s best golfers including both men’s and ladies golf. Go watch their game up close, check out their incredible shoulder turn and their sublime short game. Watch and learn.

Learn the rules
Most golfers I know love talking about the rules of golf, but with such a huge number of rules and decisions very few of us know them all. Pick a few that have nagged at you over the years and make sure you know them perfectly before you hit the fairways this summer. It may just save you or your playing partners a few strokes.

Enjoy The Game!
More than anything else enjoy your golf, its a fun game and remember that when things are not going well. Enjoy the beauty of being out in the open, the warm sunshine, the green grass and that nice cool drink on the veranda after the game.

Thanks for supporting your club

Happy Golfing

Martin Rathbone PGA - Head Teaching Professional - Surbiton Golf Club