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Thinking about your putting?

With the new rules covering putters now in force golfers are trying all types of new ideas to aid them in getting the ball in the hole, The thicker style putter grips are now out there in force and have gained great momentum since the likes of Phil Mickelson winning the 2013 Open Championships.

With tour players winning events using thicker putter grips, the club golfer is taking a lot more interest in this style and will continue to do so for some time to come.

Do you think this will help Super Stroke Putter Gripsyou to putt better? One way they work is to take some activity away from the hands and in some cases, Superstroke Gripslike the 2 thumb, help the shoulders to be level at the address position. Unless you have very large hands another benefit is the difficulty in wrapping your fingers all the way around the grip, this will result in less tension in your hold. With the relaxed grip the golfer is less likely to manipulate the putter face leading to a more consistent and improved stroke. Hopefully that will result in better accuracy as well.

2 Thumb Putter GripsThere are many touring professionals that are famous for their 2 Thumb Gripspoor putting that have improved significantly since changing to these putter grips, and for any of you that struggle this could go some way to helping you as well. But which one do you choose?

I always like to look at my stats after a round of golf so even if you just do that just for putting at least you will have something to measure against. Make a note of putts per round, putts per green hit in regulation and length of putts you make. Compare that after a few rounds with your new grip and see if things have improved.

There are plenty of these thicker grips on the market but the current leader has to be Superstroke, some manufacturers are even supplying putters with these grips as standard. You will need to find a grip that you like the look and size, something that feels really comfortable in your hands and will give you more confidence. Its worthwhile checking the current length and weight of your putter before making any changes. When you’ve made the necessary changes or purchased a new putter, spend a little extra time on the putting green or enhance your investment with a putting lesson.

One option with the bigger or 2 thumb grips is to hold the p How to hold 2thumb griputter with your thumbs side by side, this will leave your hands nicely cupped around the back and makes your shoulders parallel to the ground. With this position its easier to rock the shoulders up and down like the pendulum of a clock which is ideal for a more consistent putting action.


Weighted Putter GripsIf there is a disadvantage then it may be a slight loss of feel, especially on slower greens or longer putts although you can now have a grip that allows you to add / remove weight to help compensate for that.

Good luck with these tips and I hope your putting improves so you can enjoy golf this summer – If you need any help then pop into the Pro-shop for some advice.


Martin Rathbone PGA - Head Teaching Professional - Surbiton Golf Club