October Newsletter

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Dam it! Where did that year go?

We’ve had a really good summer but now that’s starting to disappear, the leaves have changed colour and the weather is starting to get that little bit chilly but having said that,  the greenkeepers are doing a great job on keeping the course clear and open. The avid golfers are not ready to give up their golf just yet, and are doing everything they can to play as much golf before the really bad stuff starts to pour out of the sky.

For those golfers that want to carry on (always the best decision in my book) then I have a few suggestions for you.

The conditions at this time of year will make the game of golf more difficult, the leaves on the ground, the work on the greens, worm casts on fairways and the rough are all factors that will go against your game, even the colder air will not let your ball fly as far as normal. You have no control over any of these elements so it’s best to take that on board and make the necessary adjustments to your game, hit more club than you normally would in the summer months, don’t let any bad bounces affect your attitude and just get on with those bad lies.

xmas balls

Professional golfers use the winter to work on the weakest part of their game so why not do the same? Why practise the parts you are already good at? I always encourage my students to work on the weakest part of their game, learn new skills and grind away during the winter. They then become more proficient and hit the ground running when the spring season kicks in and enjoy golf even more over the summer.

The fall season is also a great time to look at your equipment and start planning for any upgrades or additions you may need for the following season. Please remember that Paul will match or beat any genuine quote for any golf product.

Think about taking a winter golf trip to somewhere warm, taking a trip with friends or family and playing golf, or learning golf for that matter, can be some of the best times you’ve had, imagine introducing a new golfer to the game. Making those plans will inspire you to continue playing as much golf as you possibly can during the winter.

Finally, think about working on your golf fitness – we are after all, sportspeople! Try finding some extra time to become stronger. Increase flexibility and achieve better range of movement, work on endurance and watch your game improve. The ladies currently have a weekly Pilates class at the club that works on core strength and increases the ability to turn in your swing. Take some long walks to increase your cardio fitness and find a route that really appeals to you, that way you are more likely to keep it going.


If you can participate in any, or indeed all of these suggestions, then your golf will say a big thank you next summer.

Thanks for all your support, it means a lot.

Take Care

Martin Rathbone PGA - Head Teaching Professional - Surbiton Golf Club