Putting Tips and Putting Facts

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Putting Tip

It may not have come to your attention but it’s now officially spring time and after the Masters, we are into the new golfing season.

Some of you haven’t stopped playing and the rest of you are now thinking about getting some exercise and playing golf again.

At the start of the season the greens can be at there most inconsistent so how do we overcome that?

1) Always remember it’s the greens and not you! Golfers think that if they miss one or two of those putts that they would normally make, then there’s something wrong, is it my stroke, or is it my alignment, or did I simply read it wrong? Who knows but all of that puts doubts in your mind so stop it; remind yourself the condition of the greens and that it’s the same for everyone and carry on with confidence.

2) There are however, a few things you could try:
Slower bumpy greens simply don’t break as much because you have to have more pace on the putt.

Try to leave yourself uphill putts, these have to be hit firmly thus eliminating some of those bums in the green.

On the putting green practice hitting shorter putts to the back of the cup, you can even place a tee at the back of the cup and practice hitting that first. This is also a good image to have when on the course.

When practicing your putting, pretend there is a nail sticking out from the back of the ball, and then use your putter to tap that nail in at impact, that type of imagery will help you achieve a solid strike with the sweet spot of the putter.

I’m sure most of you know but just in case you don’t, I regularly attend seminars and conferences to improve my knowledge in every aspect of golf coaching. I recently attended a “Putting Biomechanics” seminar with Paul Hurrion, Paul is a renowned putting coach on both golf tours and mentor to Danny Willett, when he won the Masters.   
I just thought I would share two simple facts that came out from that seminar, Fact 1, how long does the putter face stay in contact with the ball, the answer is:
“CONTACT TIME: 0.000325 seconds”

Contact Time 0.000325 Seconds

Fact 2, if your putter is more than 5 years old then it could be affecting your stroke, the average putting stroke conversion from 3ft-5ft was 89% in 2002, in 2007 it had dropped to just over 86% the reason………………. The golf ball! If you want to know more just pop into the shop and I will explain it to you.

Average Conversion %

Hope you enjoy your golf

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