Registration Form for Golf Lessons with Martin Rathbone PGA

If you cannot answer any section then please just type “NA”

If payment is required then please transfer monies to:
Martin Rathbone
Sort Code 20-98-89
Account Number 80772895

Informed Consent --- Please read the following statements carefully. Please send only when you have agreed with the statements and when you have had any relevant questions answered. I am aware that golf lessons involve physical activity. I am clear of the purpose of this activity, the potential benefits and the potential risks. I know that I am not obliged to complete this activity. I am free to stop a lesson at any point for any reason. I am responsible to report promptly any unusual feelings or discomfort during the golf lesson. I have no injury or illness that will affect my ability to complete the lesson. I am aware that golf lessons may require the taking of pictures, the filming of the golf swing and some physical contact. I hearby give my full permission to take part in any form of golfing activity. ---PLEASE TYPE "I CONSENT" IN THE BOX BELOW BEFORE PRESSING SEND!