September Newsletter

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Let the Wind be your Friend

With the summer breeze now capable of being a hurricane I thought this months tip should be about playing golf in the wind.
There are lots of club golfers that worry about playing in the wind but the better player knows how to use the wind and turn it into an advantage.For instance, better players know that no matter what type of shot you’d normally play, whether it’s a draw, fade or whatever, how the wind blows changes everything. You have to make adjustments to make the wind work for you, instead of trying to hit a shot to fight against it.

Simply put, no matter how big a fade or draw you’re capable of hitting, it’s likely the wind will always win. So what do you do? Play with it; let it be your friend.


If there is a strong wind blowing from right to left I would try to hit a draw shot (Right to left for RH player) and hope that the wind is going to help me, the shot should be more pronounced so I would aim further right to allow for this and the wind will blow the ball back towards the fairway. If you had a natural fade in your bag then instead of trying to draw the shot aim a little less right and let the wind blow the ball back to the short grass.

If I had try to play a fade shot (Left to right for me) I would have run the risk of starting the ball left and it travelling further left into the rough or the trees. If the wind were blowing the other way, a better player knows to never fight a slice wind. The play there is to aim left and let the ball drift to the right back into the fairway.

Whenever you play in the wind, and I really enjoy that challenge, never try to hit it harder than normal, just accept that the wind is going to move the ball and never go against it. If you go to war with the wind it can mess up all kinds of things but especially your rhythm, tempo and of course, that scorecard!

Thanks for everything – Enjoy your golf

Martin Rathbone PGA - Head Teaching Professional - Surbiton Golf Club