Tips for playing golf in the rain

Wow we’ve had some rain recently and unfortunately the course has been closed, but health and safety has to come in at some point. The boys are doing excellent work to make improvements to the course and as soon as the weather improves we can get back out there.

Just for your information there are guys further up north where the course, the range, the pro-shop and the clubhouse are under 3 foot of water!

So back on track…………………..
You have to admit that there are not many players that relish the idea of golfing in the rain. If you are struggling when playing in the rain then there is nothing worse than the wet seeping through your clothes and shoes, there are however a few things you can do to stop your day being a complete washout.

If you invest in a modern-day quality waterproof suit not only will it keep you dry but they are jkus jacket comfortable to wear and are made from a stretch material that allows you to swing. My tip, buy the best you can afford and take care of it.

Get yourself a decent golf umbrella, they are larger Umbrellaand stronger than a normal one and make sure it has a double canopy and a sturdy frame. The last thing you want is an umbrella that collapses and becomes a nuisance to carry.

Take at least two towels with you, large ones if you can, use one to clean your golf balls and clubs and the other one to dry your hands and the grip of the club. You don’t want the club slipping in your hands as you swing and cause poor contact shots.

A waterproof hat is also a must, one with a rim or baseball style peak is best, this stops the rain FJ Hatrunning down your face and helps with your concentration because you will feel more comfortable.

Wear a rain glove, it really FJ Glovehelps in the rain to keep your hold on the club and avoid any twisting at impact. If rain is forecast put it on before it starts.

If you have a waterproof bag then make sure you use it, keep the hood on  as it covers all the clubs, make sure its zipped up when moving between shots. If your bag is not waterproof then you can buy a rain mac to cover it.

If you don’t have already, then invest in a good quality waterproof shoe, nobody likes walking around in soaking wet feet so they are worth every FJ Shoepenny. You can also check every few holes that there is no mud clinging to the bottom of your shoes; we want to keep a solid footing when swinging a golf club. To help keep these clean you can use a tee peg or your pitchfork (I’m sure you will all have one of these in your pocket) to scrape any mud off the sole of your shoes.

Make sure you know the rules; especially the new ones for 2019, there will be many times when you Rules Bookcan get a “Free” drop. This normally allows you to clean the ball as well, all legitimate and above board. Don’t forget on the putting green you can mark your ball and move it further around if you have to putt through casual water.
Lastly your swing, my advice would be to keep it as smooth as you possibly can and maybe a little shorter than normal, because of these adjustments take at least one extra club.  It’s very difficult but do try to remain focused and concentrate on what you are doing, there is a saying “keep it smooth and stay in the grove” which is very appropriate for playing in the rain.
Good luck with these tips and let us know if we can help you in any way.

As always thanks for all your support and take care

Martin Rathbone PGA (aa) - senior Teaching Professional - Surbiton Golf Club – – 07958785326