Martin Rathbone PGA (aa)
Highly Qualified Golf Professional.
Surbiton Golf Club

We all know that when looking for Golf Lessons in Surrey there are lots of coaches offering that service, but if you have a look at my list below I think you will understand why I believe I offer the best service that will bring you great results and improvements in your game.

• Surbiton golf club is the perfect facility for working on any aspect of your game, Swing, pitching, chipping, bunkers, putting or playing lessons……Read More Below

The Best Golf Lessons in Surrey

Why I think I offer the best value for money for golf lessons in surrey!
One thing you should always check before booking a golf lesson is that the individual concerned is a fully bonded and current member of the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Ask to see their PGA Membership card and check it is in date
  • Surbiton golf club is the perfect facility for working on any aspect of your game, Swing, pitching, chipping, bunkers, putting or playing lessons.
  • I use the latest V1 Golf academy app to show you the improvements in your game. Working with numbers is OK but means nothing to the majority of golfers, and remember, seeing is believing and the camera doesn’t lie!
  • I can design a customized program that suits your goals and will work closely with you to achieve them, and make any necessary adjustments on the way. A perfect example is my tour service, please check out the lessons page.
  • I coach all levels of golfers from the complete beginner to professional golfers, and ranging in ages from 5yo to super seniors.
  • I do not coach a specific swing method; I work with the individual to get the maximum possible from their game. We are all different shapes, sizes, strengths and personalities and one swing does not fit all.
  • I have worked with some of the best coaches in the country and continue to invest in my own personal development and knowledge – The motto I like is “If you’re not prepared to invest in yourself then how can you expect others to invest in you”
  • I work in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere whilst still keeping the consultation professional; this allows the student the best opportunity to work on their game.
  • The price you see is the price you pay, some golf outlets charge for the hire of golf balls (Up to £13) and the hire of clubs (up to £15) – my prices include both should you need them. (Golf balls not supplied for playing lessons)
  • Golf ranges are good for people with limited time but the golf course is where you play golf and it’s a great place for me to see what is actually happening with your game – I do not charge extra for lessons on the course. (Some places charge an additional green fee)